Core Values

Back in 2007...

I was given a book called, "When Heaven Invades Earth" by Bill Johnson. And everything changed.  These were good people crying out for great things on earth, and they were seeing God show up. I was hooked on the emphasis of the presence or 'presentness' of the Lord. It called me back to my salvation roots of the Father's Blessing in Toronto in 1994.

Out of that season more than ten years ago (and the season continues to unfold), we are ever learning to know God and delight and demonstrate His nature everywhere we go.  

Our mission around here is "Experiencing Jesus Changes Lives".

- Pastor Justin

 Core Values

God’s Son, Jesus Christ, has revealed the nature of God.  To experience Jesus is to know God. God always healed, delivered and taught the path that leads to intimacy with God, which gives us LIFE.

It is God’s will to bring His heaven to earth in every aspect of the world today. Jesus introduced a new covenant of favor, forgiveness, and healing, where God is pursuing all to know His wonderful love.

Our identity is found as sons and daughters of our Father in heaven. As we discover who God is, and who we are, we find that we are significant to God and His purposes.

We are responsible to partner with God to see His kingdom come into our lives and wherever we have influence. History is contingent upon our daily fellowship with God. God has said, ‘Yes’ to the world, and we live out the ‘Amen.’

It's Good To Be Together.

"Our lives were designed to be community projects. Yet, the foolishness of sin tells us that we have all that we need within ourselves. So we settle for relationships that never go beneath the casual. We defend ourselves when the people around us point out a weakness or a wrong. We hold our struggles within, not taking advantage of the resources God has given us." - Paul Tripp

"I like how real everyone is!"

- Aleena

"Harvest is Love and Family."

- Dinh

"Harvest is a Spirit-filled family of loving and worshipful people.  Anyone can come in and feel loved and connect."

- Kevin