I'm New!

Our Church Culture is Pretty Simple.


We like good music like anyone else, but we choose worship songs that are about Him and our relationship with Him.  Our worship contains the philosophy that there is an Audience of One. His name is God. You might hear songs by Bethel Music, Jesus Culture, United/Hillsong, Mosaic, Elevate, IHOP, MorningStar Ministries or something similar.


We all like good principles and points, but it's the Life of Jesus that makes us come alive, and leads us to healthy change.  The messages you hear are always authentic, a little raw, good theology, and plenty of grace and truth to transform us.  Listen to our messages online to check us out.


One of the best expressions of the love and ministry of God is through His people, the Church.  To love one another is to fulfill the command of Christ.  Once a month we have Community Sunday, where we pull out out round tables, and in the midst of the message we discuss a few questions together.  It's fun!    


The best part of living after Jesus, is that we have His Presence in our lives! Jesus said, ‘where you go, there I am.’ Moses said it is ‘Your Presence’ that distinguishes us from all other people. (And that was before the Holy Spirit lived in His people!) If we are to know Jesus, than that means we will be experiencing His nature and His presence. CS Lewis said it so well, “To enjoy God is to glorify Him.”

OUR PRESENCE (it's not what you think!)

Part of who we are and what we do is like any church.  Jesus Christ said that John the Baptist was ‘burning and shining’. (John 5:35)  That about sums it up.  We ‘get’ to follow the example of Jesus and let God love through us to the world.  We are all encouraged to touch those around us throughout out the day as the Holy Spirit leads. Also, we engage the community as opportunities are prayed through and presented.