Is Your Sourdough Starter Thriving?

I have been a baker for many years and I have experience baking all kinds of bread.  A recent challenge for me has been starting and maintaining a sourdough starter which is a sustainable way to a constant source of bread.  Sourdough is a fermented use of the airborne yeasts that are captured to make a loaf of bread.  For centuries bread has been baked using sourdough starters and recent years has created a surge of interest in creative sourdough baking.  I began exploring the use of sourdough and even after research and practice and experiments I have learned that sourdough is not an exact process but an organic learning experience.  Every use of sourdough and every loaf of bread is different in some way and requires attention and adjustment.  I began thinking that using and maintaining a sourdough starter is similar to our spiritual life in Christ.  Here are a few thoughts for bread making and growing to maturity in Christ.

Sourdough starter begins with just a little - flour and water are the base.  Our spiritual growth starts with what seems to be a little in that the Word of God is like the flour building block and the Holy Spirit is like the water that activates the Starter.  
A bread starter develops with time when airborne natural yeast joins the flour and water and causes growth.  Faith begins the growth process.  It can't be seen but it exists and joins the Word and the Spirit to begin growth.
Sourdough starter must be consistently fed with flour and water. Faith must be consistently fed with the Word and the Holy Spirit.
As starter begins to grow and activate, some is discarded on a regular basis.  Our early beliefs are sometimes discarded for new growth.   As a believer renews their mind with the Word, old thoughts and beliefs are discarded for God Thoughts to grow.
As sourdough starter grows and matures bubbles and expansion are visible.  In spiritual growth faith activity can be observed and begins to expand.
Time to maturity depends on the environment and strength of the yeast. Our timeline to spiritual maturity depends on an environment of faith and community and the strength of faith developed in the Word by the Holy Spirit.
When mature starter is ready, begin to regularly make bread!  When believers begin to grown spiritually we must begin to regularly produce fruit for the Kingdom.
Mature starter must be regularly fed and used.  Spiritually mature believers must be fed and used in obedience to the Lord
Every baked product from starter is different depending on environment and ingredients.
Spiritual fruit is always different in different situations
To become proficient in sourdough baking, keep producing!! Your mistakes and imperfect
product can still be used and enjoyed!  When we are becoming proficient in spiritual maturity we must keep producing and embrace the mistakes and imperfect products!

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