6 Traits of Powerful People in Relationships

6 Traits of Powerful People in Relationships by Freda Thomas

The most powerful person that ever lived was Jesus! He was without sin and only did what he saw his father (God) doing. As we look through the New Testament we see examples of how Jesus operated in relationships and they challenge us to become more like him.

01 – Powerful people do not try to control others!
Jesus’ example – He let the rich young ruler walk away. Matt. 19:16-22
Powerful people do not try to control, convince, or manipulate other people or their behaviors.  
It’s not their job.  It’s their job to control themselves.

02 – Powerful people refuse to play the victim role.
Jesus’ example – “I choose to lay down my life, no one takes it from me. - John 10:17-18
Powerful people know that they can’t always control what happens to them but they can choose how they respond.

03- Powerful people require others to be powerful too.
Jesus' example - He asked the cripple, “Do you want to get well?” John 5:1-14
Powerful people offer an "I can't" or "I have to" person only one option, what choice are you going to make to become well?

04- Powerful people are honest! They own their strengths & weaknesses
Jesus' example – "Let your yes, be yes, and your no be no." Matthew 5:37
•Powerful people are honest about who they are.
•Powerful people are honest about what they can do.
•Powerful people are honest about what they can’t do.
•Powerful people own their strengths and weaknesses and are comfortable in both.  
•People who aren’t comfortable in both, tend to hide and tell what they consider to be “white” lies.

05 – Powerful people only allow responsible people access and favor
Jesus' example -  “Those that are faithful in little will receive much.” Luke 16:10
Powerful People love unconditionally but only give favor and access to those who are responsible.
Powerful People give a little access, or a little favor and see if a person will be responsible with what has been given. If they consistently won’t be responsible, access and favor are lowered.

06 – Powerful People respond to vision not need
Jesus' example - He saw (vision) that Lazarus’ sickness (need) would not end in death, so he waited…3 more days.  John 11:6-10
Powerful People seek the Lord for His vision first and then decide what to do about the need.
Powerful People know that reacting to need from fear of "what if" or out of guilt will cause good actions to go astray.

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